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The Ultimate Smile Makeover

how dental implants and restorative dentistry can change a life

Heather Manning has been reborn. Once a self-described recluse who hid her badly decayed teeth from the world, Heather now embraces every day with enthusiasm.

"My self-confidence is through the roof!" she proclaimed joyfully in a recent interview with Dear Doctor – Dentistry & Oral Health magazine, which sponsored the contest through which Heather received a free smile makeover. "There's no amount of words to describe how grateful I am to everybody."
Dear Doctor - The Ultimate Smile Makeover
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By "everybody," Heather means Dear Doctor magazine, her own talented dentists, and corporate sponsors including BioHorizons, who donated dental implants to rebuild her smile. "It's gone literally from a living hell to unbelievable," Heather remarked.

"They didn't have to do for me what they did, but they did," Heather said. "They're the most wonderful people I've ever met — the dentists and everyone who works for them."
After visiting a local cosmetic dentist who gave Heather a comprehensive oral exam with radiographs (x-ray pictures), he referred her to a periodontist – a dentist who specialists in the gums, bone and connective tissue attachments that support the teeth – and they came up with a treatment plan. Ultimately, her smile would be restored with a combination of dental implants, bridgework and ceramic crowns.

"Everybody was really patient with me, really understanding, very caring, and made me feel really comfortable," Heather said. "That helped a lot."

Learn more about Heather's smile makeover and dental implants by visiting DearDoctor.com.
Dear Doctor Ultimate Smile Makeover
before dental implant treatment after dental implant treatment
before dental implant treatment after dental implant treatment
Dear Doctor's Ultimate Smile Makeover is an annual contest sponsored in part by BioHorizons.
Beneath Heather's gums are three dental implants. You can't see them when you look in her mouth, but they are serving an extremely important function: to support new permanent teeth.

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