bone grafting

what to expect with bone grafting

Your doctor may recommend a bone grafting procedure to help restore your jaw bone to a level suitable for dental implants. View illustrations of procedures below and discuss the details of your recommended procedure with your doctor.

socket grafting after extraction socket grafting after extraction

dental bone grafting

after extraction

When your doctor removes a damaged tooth, it leaves behind a void where the tooth was. Bone loss occurs without the tooth present to stimulate the jaw bone.

dental bone grafting

socket grafting with
allograft bone

Your doctor may choose to place some allograft bone graft material in the void left behind. This will promote bone growth.

dental bone grafting

healing phase

The bone graft material provides the structure for your body's cells to migrate to the void and remodel the graft into your own bone tissue. After healing your jaw bone will better support dental implants.

ridge augmentation after bone loss ridge augmentation after bone loss

dental bone grafting

lost bone

Bone loss occurs when teeth are no longer present to stimulate the bone. Too much bone loss will require a ridge augmentation procedure to rebuild the lost bone so dental implants can be placed.

dental bone grafting

restore your bone

You doctor will use allograft bone graft material to restore your jaw bone to its natural shape so it can support dental implants.

dental bone grafting

restoring your smile

Once your body has had a chance to heal and remodel the graft, your doctor can now place dental implants and restore your smile.