gum grafting

benefits of AlloDerm® RTM

Thousands of clinicians and patients have made AlloDerm® RTM their choice for gum recession due to the following advantages:

AlloDerm root coverage AlloDerm root coverage

  • excellent safety profile and predictable alternative to your own tissue**
  • offers natural esthetic outcome**
  • avoids pain and potential complications associated with removing palatal tissue***

* Clinical images courtesy of John Paul Gallardo, DDS, PA, Miami

**AlloDerm: An Effective Alternative to Palatal Donor Tissue for Treatment of Gingival Recession. Allen EP. Dent Today 2006; 25: 48-52.

***Histologic Evaluation of Autogenous Connective Tissue and Acellular Dermal Matrix Grafts in Humans. Cummings LC, Kaldahl WB, Allen EP. J Periodontol 2005; 76: 178-186.